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July 23, 2020
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Exercise During Covid-19

This may sound like a silly question, however no question is silly and some people may not see the benefit or the need since “lockdowns” have been in place all over the country and it is not seen as a priority right now.

But this could be far from the truth and let me tell you why!

I know you’re probably thinking this is some gym junkie writing this and well, I sort of am BUT I cannot stress enough to you the importance of continued training throughout this pandemic that seems to be never ending!

For people in NSW we have experienced differing levels of government lockdowns. Recently our government has since eased some restrictions to enable us to be able to train at gym facilities again. For the average gym go-er this is amazing news. However, during the lockdown period it was not so easy to attend the gym or regular classes and from how things are going now who knows how long until further restrictions come back into place.

Home-based workouts were/are becoming a common theme for gyms/PT’s to provide for clients. With the lockdown of gym facilities, smaller group classes and some having access to minimal equipment it can be challenging to stay motivated.

Here are a few reasons why staying physically fit during this time which should motivate you to KEEP GOING!

  • Boost your immune system, keeping you healthy from the potential of getting sick
  • Keeps your mental health on track by all the “feel good” chemicals running round in your brain making you feel GREAT!
  • Exercise with company! This keeps you connected in such hard times
  • Promote better sleeping patterns, which will benefit your moods positively
  • Exercise has also been shown to limit the use of alcohol and other substances

Covid-19 is a an extremely stressful time for everyone, and many things right now feel beyond our control, but we do have the ability to build physical activity and exercise into each day. This time may even be a chance to use the creativity learned and build new ways to adapt physical activity into our lives.

If you or you know someone that is struggling with their physical health and fitness send them our way! It is what is we do!

“Educating and Empowering all humans to Move More and Live Better”

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