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Exercise physiology treatment is highly effective and aimed at restoring the injured workers physical function and educating them about how to self-manage their injury and return to work.

Areas we service

The programs are fully supervised by an accredited Exercise Physiologist and can be delivered at our specialised rehab facility in Waratah, or for clients out of the area we have the capacity to travel to Central Coast, Maitland, Cessnock, Raymond Terrace and Singleton. The program is focussed on the re-education of movement to provide long term sustainable change and ensure that a client can make a full return to the workforce, either in their selected duties or to provide assistance with retraining for an alternative occupation.

Extra mile

In addition to the treatment, We pride ourselves on our communication, guaranteeing regular contact every 2 weeks via phone calls, reports and email updates. We have capacity to attend case conferences to provide the nominated treating doctor (NTD) and stakeholders an update on the worker’s current injury status and progress to ensure the certificate of capacity reflects the worker’s current physical capacity. Lastly, we love to attend the worksite to to get a full understanding of the worker’s pre injury duties and work conditions! This allows us to create a program that is personalised to the worker!

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