Why should you return to work as quick as possible?!
February 7, 2020
I no longer have any pain! Am I free to return to sport and activity?
March 24, 2020
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Are you experiencing the ripple effect?

Sustaining a workplace injury can cause a ripple effect, loss of income, psychological factors, relationship strain etc. It is important to also remember that having an injury can affect the simple things in life and our activities of daily living.

Are you having difficulty hanging out the washing, brushing your teeth, washing your hair, making your bed, getting changed? Are you having trouble getting in and out of the car, up and down from a chair, or unable to get down on the ground to interact with pets or grandchildren? Although domestic chores are not fun activities, not being able to complete them can cause frustration and have a negative impact on your overall wellbeing.

Here at Hunter Rehabilitation and Health, we want to get people back to doing what they love most sooner rather than later. Therefore, even if work is not your favourite place to be, getting back to work will assist you in being able to do all the other activities in life that you do enjoy.

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