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Exercising during pregnancy – The Do’s and Don’t’s !

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So you just found out you’re  pregnant and you want to keep exercising but what can you do?

Congratulations! You’ve just found out your pregnant but wait what exercise can or more
importantly can’t I do. You still want to exercise right but you want to be both comfortable and
correct. Well the good news is, that with the advice from the correct health expert you still can!
When it comes to pregnancy its important for both your health and the health of the foetus to
exercise but there are some guidelines around what you should and shouldn’t do. Firstly this blog
will focus on advice for pregnancies with no complications, if you have complications it doesn’t mean
that you can’t exercise but there are different guidelines for different complications.

Why is it important to exercise while pregnant?

Exercise while pregnant helps to you to maintain a healthy weight range, you’ve probably heard the
news about doctors weighing pregnant women now well exercise can help with this. Maintaining a
health weight during pregnancy reduces your risk of gestational diabetes. Exercise also helps reduce
your risk of gestational diabetes by maintaining good blood sugar levels. Healthy weight gain also
allows to reduce the pressure through your already aching joints.
Speaking of aching joints, I bet that lower back is aching right now its because your centre of gravity shifts and your posture changes to help carry your little baby. Exercise helps to maintain a good
posture and reduce the strain on your lower back. Avoid exercises that are performed unilaterally
and separate your pelvis, to reduce pain around your pelvic region. Exercise also helps to maintain good core stability which include pelvic floor control. This is a big area where the wrong exercises can create further or ongoing issues for yourself so before doing core exercises please talk to a
health professional. It would be beneficial to read our blog on Diastasis Recti (Abdominal
Separation). Avoid exercises that use your abdominals like sit ups.
There are many benefits of exercising while pregnant including helping with swelling and
maintaining good blood pressure but often forgotten is the mental health benefits. Exercising while
pregnant helps to maintain good psychological health and emotional wellbeing both whilst pregnant
and after pregnancy. For such a life changing, stressful and emotional time in your life it is important
to look after your mental health after pregnancy it can help to participate in a group class with other
mums to maintain good social connections.
Come on in and talk to our Women’s Health expert and find out what exercises you can do!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at or call on (02) 4016 4446


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