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My Joints crack and pop… Is this normal?

YES! The answer is yes, It’s common. We have all heard a neck crack when we turn our head, our shoulders pop when we lift our arm up or our knees snap when we stand up out of a chair. But is this a normal sensation to feel?

It can be worrying to hear such noises but usually it normal to hear such noises!

Research states that as we age, joints age with us and a reduction of cartilage around the joint is a part of the normal process of aging. This means the joints become some what ‘rougher’ and produce an increase in noise when they rub together.

A common cause of snapping or cracking around a joint is that your muscles are tight and are rubbing casing friction around the bone and/or your tendons and ligaments are either rubbing over the bone or moving back into it’s original position.  

Let us not forget the cracking of your knuckles! Research states that this noise comes from nitrogen bubbles that naturally occur within the spaces of the joint. The cracking is the sound of this gas being released, which is called Cavitation.

However, with this said! If your snap, crackle, and pops are accompanied with pain, then it is time to seek professional clinical judgement from your GP or healthcare professional.

To reduced such bodily noises increase your movement throughout the day, increase your mobility, stretch those muscles, strengthen up your human vessel and as we have quoted before in our blogs “Motion is lotion and rest is rust”

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