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Should I exercise with Asthma?

Spring has sprung and I bet those allergies will be knocking on your door any second now!

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 1 in 9 people suffer from Bronchoconstriction, also known as Asthma, that’s around 2.7 million people in Australia!

But what is asthma?!

If you’re reading this you most probably suffer from asthma and already know from experience what happens when symptoms occur. But do you know exactly what is happening when your asthma strikes!?

Asthma is a result of inflammation within in the airways. This inflammation can be associated with Irritants such as; allergies, tobacco smoke, pollen, perfumes, weather/temperature changes, animal dander and even some foods/ food additives, just to name a few. When inflammation occurs the airways become swollen and narrowed by a build-up of mucus which constrict the pathway that the air usually passes in and out of. This can cause the symptoms of; breathlessness, wheezing, coughing and tightness of chest, which is also sometimes described as “when your throat is starting to close up”.

How can exercise help assist with asthma control?

Research states that regular exercise can assist with the management and control of asthma when frequency of symptoms occur. Benefits from regular exercise can lead to; increased capacity during exercise, reduced airway responsiveness (your airways respond less to irritants that cause those nasty coughs, wheezes and breathlessness), reduce risk of asthma flare ups and further increases your quality of life.

There is still more research needed to determine the long-term effects on regular exercise but with the research we do have there is clear evidence that suggest the implementation of a graded exercise program to assist in asthma control!

If you want more assistance with the control and management of your Asthma give one of our Exercise Physiologists a call on 0240164446

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