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August 16, 2021
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Why are warm-ups so important?

Warm ups are greatly important as they allow you to maximise physical performance and reduce the risk of injury during a training session or competition.


What to consider when planning a warm up

-Activity that will follow the warm up

-Time or length of the warm up

-Space available



Why Warm Up?

The main purpose of a warm up is to prepare the body and mind for strenuous activity.

Research indicates that not warming up places you at a higher risk of injury because this crucial step allows the body to activate stabilising muscles, enhance movement coordination, and improve range of motion. The most beneficial warm-ups are those which include movement preparation, muscle activation, dynamic stretching, and mobility work. For example, if the warm-up was for soccer the session is going to be focusing on glute, hamstring, and core activation as well as balance and running exercises.

The RAMP framework is a great tool to use when designing your warm up.

Raise– raise the bodies core temperature, heart and breathing rates, and increase blood flow to working muscles.

Activate- activate the main muscle groups.

Mobilise- mobilise the key joints.

Potentiate- mirror the level of intensity that will be produced during the exercises that follow in training or competition.


Take Home Message

Undertaking a proper warm-up with similar movements to those being performed during your training session or game, can be beneficial to performance and also reduce the risk of injury. Overall, the warm-up should stimulate and challenge the body’s mechanics, joint stability and flexibility. At the conclusion of the warm-up you should be feeling warm and primed for the next part of your session.


If you need help with the implementation of a specific warm-up please don’t hesitate to contact us and make an appointment.

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